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Year 1923

23-60, OD


Kington Tourer,


3969 cc 4 cylinder OHV, bore 95 mm, stroke140 mm, 23 h.p-60 hp @ 2000 rpm, Max RPM 2800 

Gearbox 4 speed, ratios 3.6, 5.6, 8.5, 13.37
Rear axle ratio  4.12-1
Wheelbase  10 ft 10 in [130 in]

 2 wheel mechanical.

Weight  33 cwt, 3qr, 14lb
Wheels  Centre lock wire
Tyre Size  
Fuel consumption  18-20 MPG.
Top speed  62.5 MPH.
Origin U.K.


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History of this Vehicle

David Lloyd acquired this car in 1965 from Bruce Kennard of Forbes. Some of the known previous owners of this car (courtesy of Ray Moore) have been, in chronological order:

E.A. Marr of Marr’s Foundry, Zetland;

Col Hopkins of Forestville;

Jack Broderick of Parkes

Bruce Kennard of Forbes.

 David had, and his family has, mechanical receipts from the late 1950’s to current.

 In the late 1960s, OD 585 was filled with furniture to facilitate the Lloyd’s family move to Sydney from Tamworth- reminiscent of the opening scene on “The Beverley Hillbillies”.

 The Vauxhall continued to be used on full registration till the late 1970’s, for a while it was the family’s only car.

After having been last driven in 1980 [a quick start up and trip around the backyard], it was laid to rest in the garage at Wahroonga for the next 20 odd years. It became a repository for old carpets, surfboards and garden materials.


The car remained in relatively robust and original condition for many years.

 The body was original bare metal, with most of the original upholstery, leather and canvas present, though in poor condition. The steering wheel, front door leather arm rests and hood rests still had the original leather covers. The engine was sound, though the Lanchester harmonic balancer had been removed and an electric fuel pump fed the Zenith carburetor until road registration expired in the late 1970’s.

 The fuel tank had rusted out by the late 1970’s, so fuel was then provided by a one litre [?] Victa mower fuel tank wired to the windshield [gravity feed of course]. Understandably the range of the car was somewhat reduced to about 3-4 miles unless the passenger refilled the tank frequently.

 The under radiator sub frame member was heavily corroded, the clutch bell housing fractured and the brakes adapted to modern usage- i.e. the foot pedal operated the rear drums, and the handbrake operated the transmission brake. The gearbox was sound as was the differential. The radiator appeared sound, but was not. 


Restoration really did not get under way until David finally retired early in 2003. Amazingly any missing bits and pieces were procured with the help of David Stuart, so a complete car soon appeared in good mechanical condition. The advice and practical assistance provided by VSCCA members had been quite remarkable. The practical help coming from John Wilson, Richard Walton, Barry Ford, Harry McBeth and Peter Ward, made possible the rejuvenation of yet another piece of the past which would otherwise have been consigned to the spare parts bin.

 After much effort, OD 585 was rebirthed in Stanthorpe. David, his wife Judy, his 3 sons and one grandson travelled to Stanthorpe. The car was driven back to Sydney with only minor mechanical nuisances. This was not too shabby an effort after being off the road for 25 years. Hangovers were a more major threat to all involved. 

Unfortunately David died several months later. OD 585 now belongs to his wife Judy, though resides on the far south coast of NSW with his son as custodian.


The car body is that of a Kington tourer. It retains its bare metal finish, with “Transformer Grey” mudguards and red wheels. The leather upholstery is also red, with “Salt and Pepper” grey canvas for the tonneau, hood and luggage box. This is all in keeping with the colour scheme when purchased in the 1960s.

The near side mudguard has been modified with a wheel well to accommodate a sixth wheel. When purchased in the mid 1960’s, there was a sixth wheel strapped on, but no wheel well.

 The engine [OD583] is also essentially as purchased in the 1960’s, with a Bosch, instead of Watford, dynamo and the Lanchester Harmonics remaining absent. The timing cover casting is stamped internally as 25/04/1923- ANZAC day!

 Oil has now been routed through a modern type fibre filter and a tachometer runs off the magneto drive. Hartford shocks have been installed front and back, with the brake controls returned to original. The electrics are 12 volt with positive earth utilising a Lucas regulator. The CAV dynamo runs off the drive shaft via a belt.

 There are “art deco” nickeled gravel guards on the rear mud guards, and opaque, hand bevelled glass headlight lenses. The opaque lenses are not particularly helpful at night- the illumination is significantly reduced.

 OD 585 is fully road registered and well known around Moruya on the far south coast.

 The provenance of the car, as stated initially was, in chronological order:

E.A. Marr of Marr’s Foundry, Zetland;

Col Hopkins of Forestville;

Jack Broderick of Parkes

Bruce Kennard of Forbes.

 The current custodian of the car would love to receive some feedback regarding these gentlemen.

 Any knowledge regarding these gentlemen would be appreciated by the current custodian- Richard.

 Richard has his CAV dynamo/magneto/regulator connected via 



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